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The Benefits of Membership

Earn New Clients

Join the premier online venue for employers to understand their needs and find the right broker to meet those needs.

Save Time

Fill your pipeline, shorten sales cycles, gain instant access to valuable business building tools and resources.

Save Money

Save money on agency building and client facing tools that give your business a competitive edge.

Broker Tools

3 Tools for Growth and Differentiation

Pipeline Builder

Problem: It is a noisy world and harder than ever to get employer attention, let alone take time to listen to your unique story as a benefits broker. How can you cut through the noise and get employers to listen?

Solution: In minutes build a profile or full microsite with video at the premier online venue for employers to find and connect with benefits brokers. Capitalize on our marketing efforts and put yourself in front of employers, in your target market, looking for the help you can deliver.

Advisor ArsenalTM

Problem: Finding time to research and assess client facing and agency building products and services is time consuming and haphazard.

Solution: The Advisor ArsenalTM is a marketplace that puts business building and client facing products and services at a broker's fingertips, saving them time and money in their pursuit of providing a great brokerage experience. Join now and go to your Arsenal and claim a special gift.


Problem: RFPs are hard for employers to write because they simply don't know the business well enough to know what to ask. They are a time consuming hassle to complete for brokers and many brokers won't reply. Yet, a sound RFP and broker selection process can mean better benefits for a Company and their employees.

Solution: Our RFP and scoring system make it easy for employers to do an initial assessment of the best brokers for their business needs. Brokers using our platform can keep their answers up to date and in our secure portal for high quality, hassle free RFP replies.

  • “A simple platform that introduces me to new prospects, differentiates my firm and helps me grow my business”

    - Liz Frayer, President, Intrepid Benefits

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Your Business!

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Affiliate Member: These members agree to allow us to verify details associated with their listing. Please visit our FAQs to learn more.


Verified Member: These members are the most transparent on our site. They provide extensive information about their firm that our staff confirms with the member. Please visit our FAQs to learn more.

  • When employers search for brokers, priority is given first to Verified Members, then to Affiliate Members, and finally to the Free Members within the employer’s geographical area.

    Priority in Search Results
  • 3rd
  • 2nd
  • 1st
  • Employers looking for benefits solutions can view your online profile from their search results page.

    Online Profile
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  • Basic
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  • Premium
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  • Promote your key team members to put a personal face on your organization and services.

    Team Members Displayed
  • 1
  • 3
  • Unlimited
  • Get actionable business building ideas and insights from top employee benefits and other leading business experts.

    Business Builder Webinars
  • Pay Per Usage
  • 2 Free/yr
  • Unlimited
  • Your "Arsenal" delivers personalized business building and client facing tools and resources that will give you a competitive edge. Affiliate and Verified (Premium) members will receive offers that Free members do not receive.

    Advisor Arsenal
  • Links to valuable business building tools, ideas, and resources. Our top picks for the best ideas on the web

    Curated resources to grow your practice
  • Access to today's latest benefits and HR news at your fingertips

    Daily news feed
  • Employers can create a Favorites list of preferred brokers as part of their broker selection process from Affiliate and Verified Member listings. Free Members can appear in search results, but since those members cannot be added as a favorite, employers will not be able to include them in their brokerSpotlight RFP process.

    Get Added as a Favorite Broker
  • Employers can email you and call you directly from a link in your profile. The easier it is for employers to contact you the easier it is for you to win the account!

    Direct Contact by Employers
    From Your Profile
  • Paid broker members can keep their standard RFP answers online, saving countless hours when responding to an RFP. You can also refer employers who send you RFPs to this platform so you can simply reply online!

    Reusable RFP Responses
  • Premium members get discounts, special offers and educational opportunities not available to free members

    Premium Member Offers
  • Your Verified badge lets employers know your firm adheres to industry best practices around licensing, insurance and compliance, and that your profile is accurate.

    Extra Employer Assurance
  • Better discounts, special offers and educational opportunities not available to other members.

    Verified Member Only Offers
  • Upload a video that tells your company’s story to employers. Need help making a video? We have discounts from video production partners.

    Upload a Company Video
  • Offer employer visitors downloadable brochure or other content.

    Add Downloadable Content
  • Get Employer Reviews
  • Annual Membership Fee
  • No Cost
  • $750/Year
  • $1675/Year
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NOTE: Verified members will receive top preference in search results but have the Affiliate member icon displayed until the certification process is complete.